Movies vs Books

Are they in competition or complementary?

I love a good book to sit down at night with. The crisp, new pages smell good and the words lead you into another life or even into realms that are nothing like our world; They are usually far better. Chapters unravel in front of your eyes while dragging you deeper and deeper into an often magical vision, set out by a talented writer. You control the pace and can withdraw and reflect at any time.

With a movie, you have no control at all over the speed that it hits you and have to rely on the angles selected by a director. Beneficially, in a book you can choose how you want to envisage the scenes. With a movie, the watcher is more restricted to the footage shown, but this can be relaxing and requires a lot less effort. The advantages of watching a movie are that it is usually less time consuming and questions that you may have emerged with after reading a book are usually answered on screen.

Movies that started out as books…

When a famous book is turned into a movie, it can be incredible or it can destroy the love you once had for a story, while it was in the form of a book. Epic stories can be often overinflated for the movie screen or have vital bits cut out due to restrictions on time and personal choice of the video editors.

‘The Girl on the Train’ transferred well from paperback to the cinema. ‘Big Little Lies’ was embellished skilfully on the small screen. Lots of movies have complimented and added value to books, boosting novel sales after their release on the big screen. You never really see books come from films but I hope that in future, movies still take their inspiration from books.

Paperback still has a place in storytelling and movies should continue to support the book industry.

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