Movie Magic – A Quiet Place

Can they make a thriller that keeps your attention without any speech?

I liked the concept of this masterpiece from the start. It interested me as a writer that a film might be cleverly devised around the idea of ‘silence.’ When the movie began it warned of a ‘sustained threat’ and as the story unfolded, you really did feel like you were a major part of the characters’ lives.

Not being one to go and see thrillers very often, this was indeed a treat. Drawn in by the reputation of Emily Blunt and the fact that she was working with her husband on this (John Krasinski), I wanted to give it a chance, but I really did not expect it to deliver quite so well as it did. Breathtaking backgrounds and a carefully conceived plot made this a MUST-SEE spring movie.

Without giving much away, early on we got to see just exactly what happened if anyone made a noise. Suffice to say the outcome wasn’t very nice at all. We all soon realised just how vital it was that everyone tiptoed around and did everything in their power to minimise noises. Noise meant almost certain death.

Normally I do not blow the trumpet of this kind of film but I genuinely feel this deserves 4/5 stars but is teetering towards 5 stars (I cannot comment about the script as very little is ever said).

Make sure you go and have a look but take someone with you who can hold your hand when it gets messy!

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