Is Gambling really that bad?

It is risk taking after all – Do we need to take a few more risks?

Many speak about gambling as if it is a disease. To some, it can be, much the same as overworking leads to becoming a workaholic and overeating leads to obsessive binges on cake and crisps. The major down side of being addicted to gambling is that it hits your wallet and can quickly plummet you into a horrific debt.

I should know –

I became hooked on an online casino many years ago and totally stacked up a debt on my credit card.

After working a few extra jobs to pay it all off, I learned my lesson the hard way. However, it did not stop me having a flutter now and again. Whenever I am in London I pop into a casino and spend an amount I had already taken out of the bank and am prepared to lose. If I win, then it is a bonus indeed. Being able to manage expectations is crucial to this.

The Grand National

So many people have a go at guessing who will win the most important horse race of the year in Britain. The Grand National encourages you to have a bet and try your luck. Being prepared to take a risk once in a while, to me, seems like a healthy thing. Some risk their lives by trying dangerous pursuits like white water rafting or surfing. Anything that teaches you resilience and builds confidence is great as far as I am concerned, but I would prefer to chance a bet than risk breaking an arm.

Do we teach young people resilience?

With some schools not having races at sports day and discouraging competitive activities, it is ironic that the government promotes schools out doing others when it comes to league tables. Children are often taught to appreciate taking part in things but not allowed to feel the buzz related to winning or that ‘ouch’ factor that resonates when you gave it all you got but still lost. Kids need to learn to take a gamble – of course not financially. Trying to be the best, feeling that competitive urge, striding towards a goal and ultimately being able to accept that you cannot always get what you want… those are things that help maintain a healthy human, in my view.


Maybe gambling is a bad influence but it sure as heck feels good when you WIN!

Spinning the wheel strengthens the ability to deal with failure.


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