What is it with the weird weather?

How do we deal with such fluctuating weather patterns?

One day the snow is blanketing the roads, clogging up the countryside and giving many of us excuses to have days off work. Then, it is as though we have been picked up and placed alongside the Sahara desert, with high temperatures, open skies and sudden desires to take off our clothing.

Is this global warming or is it just the way it is meant to be? We don’t know what to wear from one day to the next. Going into work, we may have our heating on and then, when we get home, we have to cool the place down and open every window to stand a chance of breathing.

It keeps you wondering

I guess whatever the reason for this fluctuation, we have to be flexible.

1) Always take a coat, even when it appears to be a bright, sunny day. Initial impressions can definitely be deceiving. Plus you may travel to a nearby location which has a totally different weather overview.

2) Get remote heating controls on your phone so you can switch it off from wherever you are, if the temperature rapidly changes. That way you can warm the house up and be nice and cosy when you walk through the door, or bring down the temperature ready for when you chill out at the end of a long, hard day.

3) Keep suncream in your bag just in case. Also make sure you iron your shirt in case you have to strip your jumper off half way through the day.

What do you think of Britain’s weird weather?

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