Why should we keep the countryside special?

An Amazing Day by the Lake

The sun was shining brightly when I began my cycle ride around Rutland Water, nestled between the beautiful towns of Uppingham and Oakham. As I peddled up some quite challenging hills and freewheeled down again, I could not help but think about how wonderful it was not to be surrounded by concrete. Not a house in sight, nor the sounds of vehicles bustling past. Only the occasional foray onto a road was needed in this 23 mile ride. I loved every minute of the experience.

Why visit our local reservoirs?

I chose this lake because it is large, surrounded by woodlands and a great way to escape modern life. With a natural path, shared by pedestrians and cyclists, meandering through farmers’ fields, stretches of trees and picturesque areas of cherry blossom wonder, this journey really was scattered with eye-catching views.

Reservoirs are vital as they give us a natural source of water, which we pump into our homes daily and use plentifully, often without thinking about the point of origin. Taking children to these places, we should be discussing the importance and fragility of such water sources and increasing appreciation of them.

Exercise and enjoyment

Combining exercise with a day out was important to me. Getting to be at one with nature, whilst ensuring the blood was pumping freely through my veins, this journey was fulfilling and exhausting, both in equal measures. Many people were throwing frisbees by the lake, taking a brisk stroll through the woods or running alongside their pooches along the many well-kept pathways. I would thoroughly recommend a cycle, picnic and chance to just enjoy the scenery of one of our wonderful reservoirs. They are great places for families to share special time together, whilst passing on messages about the environment.

Where do you go to let off steam and appreciate the beauty of wildlife?

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