Why do we have the House of Lords?

Are we really in a democracy?

In these times of technology and equality for all, why are we still so old fashioned when it comes down to the running of the country? We have an elected House of Commons and then, against my gut instinct, we have an unelected House of Lords. In this day and age, does it really do anything apart from slow down the passage of bills by blocking green papers and exercising powers which it seems not to be entitled to.

As well as this, we have parliamentary committees which deal with important government business and review policies. These are often chaired by Lords and Baronesses. Is this in keeping with our position as a democratic state?

Having visited both Houses and knowing a little about British history, even the terminology surrounding them is derogatory to actual elected MPs. The House of Commons relates to MPs being regarded as ‘common’ people. Whereas the term ‘Lords’ instantly smacks of propriety and wealth. Even the system of giving out honours (MBEs etc.) seems flawed. What did David and Victoria Beckham ever do to deserve royal honours? They do not even live in the UK any more.

Maybe I seem anti-Royal lately but I am not. I just massively disapprove of anything that is not fair. To me, having the House of Lords putting the brakes on important legislation is inappropriate, undemocratic and dated. Sometimes they are pointlessly slowing things down and making it harder for new laws to come to fruition, creating angst and adding to costs incurred along the way.

Let’s reduce these elements and make the House of Lords a museum, scrap hereditary membership and focus on utilising the voted for element of our government processes.

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