Are superstars abusing their positions?

Why is Kanye able to be so mean?

This is not the first time that a superstar has overstepped the mark in the name of ‘free speech.’ Kanye West happily asserted that slavery was somehow a choice for four hundred years and this seems to have been an attempt to drive a publicity whirl before his upcoming albums are released.It is often the case that high profile singers, rappers and movie stars begin to use their fame to try and influence people politically. Kanye was doing this in a TV interview about his personal support for Donald Trump. Why can’t famous people do what they do best and stay well out of politics?When popstars use their public pedestal as a means of conveying information that may change the choices of people or inflate deep-rooted political arguments, this really is an abuse of their powers, don’t you think? It is in line with the alleged use of Facebook personal information by Cambridge Analytica. Let’s keep politics to politicians and entertainment to entertainers.

What do you think about this issue?

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