When Will Rifles Be Banned?

I cannot believe there is yet another shooting in a US school.

This is awful news and surely must make Everyone realise that gun violence needs to be stamped out across the world. I feel incredibly sad that people who are going about their daily business are constantly under threat due to the freedom of access and ability to use firearms in the US.

Donald Trump is aware that such horrific things are happening. Only a few months ago a gunman let loose upon a festival of music in Las Vegas. The perpetrator was based in the same hotel that I stayed in 4 years ago, in Mandalay Bay. Many other events seem to be unfolding one after another and yet still the traditional and, frankly, derelict ‘right to bare arms’ is still prevalent and unaffected.

According to available data, 29 states still require no licence to openly carry arms.

This has to change now!

Let’s make a difference and encourage the US congress to make a move towards tightening the grip on weapons. Perhaps a gun amnesty first and then proper legislation to make it very difficult to possess any guns regardless of the pressures of the NRA. All my sympathies go to those suffering today in Texas and I really hope this makes Mr Trump think long and hard about this ongoing horror.

Let’s Make A Difference. No Guns! Full Stop!

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