13 Reasons Why I Like It

Ok well I may have got slightly carried away, but here are a few thoughts about this Netflix series – not exactly thirteen though.

13 Reasons Why is a Young Adult novel which has been made into a modern American drama on Netflix and revolves around a guy who has been sent some tapes by a dead girl. She made the tapes before she committed suicide and each side of tape is about a different character and how they affected her. It is sort of her way of laying the blame on people.

At first it came up as an advert on Netflix and I indulged for half an hour. Then I returned to it one day and watched to the end of the first episode. By then I was HOOKED. It is compelling and makes me think about similar issues that I discuss in my novella. The storyline is complex and skilfully executed. The main guy, played by Dylan Minnette, is complemented well by the female lead (albeit in flashback) played by Katherine Langford. They are supported by a brilliant cast, including his mum who also played a key role in Homeland.

I haven’t finished the first season yet but am delighted to discover there is a second one. The way the story unfolds has Clay (Dylan’s character) listening to a new side of tape every episode (not quite sure why an old fashioned audio tape but it makes sure he doesn’t skip anything) which means you get to slowly unravel her thoughts and see how her repeated humiliations linked to other people’s problems. It turns out this college is fairly riddled with issues, at least according to her flashbacks. It really is tricky working out who is good and bad, as some friends seem offish and turn out to be lovely whilst others seem nice and turn out to be nasty. The writing is clever in the way that it misleads the viewer every time.

It is fair to say that Clay goes through a fair amount of turmoil as he really seemed to love this girl. A good friend tries to guide him as he unpicks the tapes and he makes it is his mission to right her wrongs.

The ones that truly do look out for him are definitely helping him detect the ones who are less wholesome. In fact, some are damn right annoying because publicly they present as popular but behind the scenes they are evil. That is what makes 13 Reasons Why a brilliant, gripping series, which you all must watch!

I will probably post about this again once I get further along with the season.

Who else watches this? Please comment.

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