The Writing Process

How do you get started?

I went to a writing course and attended a group every Monday to discuss creative writing. So many people are excited about writing and yet very few know where to start or indeed how to get into the industry.

Well I am only just starting out myself and have just signed with a publisher after originally self publishing a set of short stories. However, I have found that the advice I have been given does not work for me. Plotting out a story, for instance, on paper and in detail. I tried this but somehow it leads to brain freeze and I struggle to make ends meet. I find I cannot see the ending to a story when I write the beginning. If I had to know the storyline before I began the writing process, then I would never get anything written at all.

For instance I can be walking through a town, such as Salzburg (pictured) and suddenly imagine a scene there. It might be a quarrel, a romantic encounter, a protest or anything else. I may not know what it is all about but if I start to write it, it usually leads organically to a pretty good short story.

I guess what I am trying to say is that stories can evolve. Planning is ok if writing an essay but fiction needs to flow and sometimes all the planning in the world simply frustrates the writing process. Rather than waiting for the full picture, why not just take the idea you have and grow it? It may not develop into much but nine time out of ten it will be satisfying to find out where it goes.

Well that is my writing tip for today. Do with it what you will.

Any thoughts?

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