Simple Pleasures

A recurring theme.

Over the next few weeks I will be reflecting on the simple pleasures in life and hoping that you join in with me by contributing comments and sharing your own examples. It is my way of dealing positively with quite an emotional point in my life, having just turned 40. Suffering a little from depression related to this mid-life stage, I want to try and build positive images by remembering what makes life quite simply wonderful.

Each subject will be specific and relate to my experiences.

1) Walking Wind

As a young lad, my mum would take me for walks in the flat Fens of Cambridgeshire down very straight, rocky tracks known as ‘droves.’ We would walk for miles in fairly remote countryside with nothing around us for as far as we could see. Although there are no hills or mountains in the Fens, it is refreshing to be out there, with the wind rushing across the vast landscape and gathering behind you or against you, blowing into your ears. My nan used to call it, ‘blowing the cobwebs away.’

When we moved to a town, many times I would visit my nan in the Lowlands and often I would take walks on my own, especially on windy days, to get that feeling of being blown and refreshed and having my mind cleared, as the wind removed negative energy and made me feel restored, rejuvenated and brilliantly fresh. This was sometimes the best way to let off steam.

Even now, nothing feels better than going for a long walk in the beautiful Fens. The Fens is a special landscape that will always feel like a part of me. Every time we go there, I feel reborn and re-energised. Try blowing off some cobwebs some day by walking in the presence of the wind. Look across the fields and think about how magnificent your local landscape is.

Let the countryside absorb your thoughts and fill your head with new ideas.

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