Even Simpler Pleasures

Carrying on from my previous post about what makes life enjoyable, here is another thing that reminds me I am alive.

Something that has always made me feel happy is trying to keep fit. It is often a bit of an uphill struggle though, putting effort into trying to stay relatively healthy. I have no desire to be muscle man or even remotely athletic but I do need to keep a check on my belly and make sure I do some regular exercise to help balance my blood pressure.

Spinning class is the main way that I try to keep in shape lately. It is always a drag booking the sessions and making an effort to walk to the gym twice a week after work to get involved. However, once those classes have finished, I feel sweaty, energised and so much better than just before I went.

I used to love cycling on the open road but these days spinning offers a nicer option, with an air conditioned room and a teacher who can shout at us to go faster and turn up the gears to maximise the benefits and stop us from slacking.

For my mental health, exercise does seem to help get rid of stress. It is releasing endorphins which definitely help to improve my feelings and also tire me out so that my quality of sleep improves. Spinning is invigorating and challenging. It is easier on the knees than running and tones as well as helping to burn body fat.

Everyone needs to find some time to look after themselves as this really does make a difference to your life. For me, even when I am totally rushed off my feet and stressed out of my head, I insist upon making time to do something that will help my body and my mind. Spinning certainly is one of my genuine simple pleasures.

A little bit of effort makes for a better body and mind.

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