Simple Pleasures More

Here is another reflection about those things that make life worth living.

Having promised to share some thoughts about things that make me feel good about life and help keep depression at a distance, here is my next discussion. For me there is nothing better than a meet up with friends over a coffee or meal. My meet ups range from Costa coffee chats with old colleagues to eating out at various restaurant chains; my favourite being the Italian group called Prezzo.

Being able to chat about anything and everything makes spending quality time with close friends very important and refreshing. Eating is a very sociable aspect of life and so mixing the two is a very fruitful thing. I find that with such friends I can offload about the little things that niggle me throughout the week and the feeling is great when you get an opportunity to unravel events, issues and have a general gossip. Sometimes these sessions can result in loud laughter and spilt drinks, but that is surely half the fun. They usually go quickly and time does pass faster when you are having fun. Putting the world to rights is always fun. That is why I give it such importance as a way of keeping myself happy.

Making time to have a chat about everything instead of just cracking on with life and carrying problems around so that they might build up and weigh down your shoulders, is definitely a positive thing. I hope that all of you have ways to unpick and offload. Friends offer one way and provide a different audience to members of the family. Cheeky drinks, along with hours of chat and healthy arguments make life easier and more bearable.

What do you do for fun?

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