Love Island Still?

After a week, is it hitting the spot?

Curious about why Nial decided to leave the island today, veiled in a mysterious exit which is simply accredited to personal issues? Wondering why Adam is so arrogant? Bothered about the bitchiness surrounding our newest housemates?

I have to say, when Adam pointed out that nobody in the house was actually in a relationship, I could see his point. However, the girls have started to portray him as a jerk. He is looking for island love, just like the title suggests. Why would anyone settle down and become lifelong partners with the first person they are coupled up with?

I do not have long to write a big post tonight but I would like to say that so far Love Island is not that addictive this year. Fingers crossed, some encapsulating new characters will bring in some entertainment and have some real chemistry.

What are your thoughts or comments on Love Island?

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