American Horror Story

Intriguing Yet Abnormal

I have just started watching American Horror Story from series one and have to say it was rather strange but very enticing.

From the start I found the flashbacks and unusual events were hard to follow, but soon everything started to fit together into a catchy storyline which was peculiar and different to anything I had seen previously.

I am looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds as I have found some unanswered questions that really are niggling me.

For instance, why does the maid look twenty years younger when the psychologist sees her? Why are the twins so important? How is Jessica Lange involved in the story and why does her daughter tell everyone that they are going to die?

Hoping to find time to watch lots more and see where it all leads. It seems Glee creator Ryan Murphy is onto something good and I am late to the party.

What are your thoughts on this drama?

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