Stop The Crazy Gun Laws!

Let’s Act Fast and make a difference.

It is worth thinking about the gun problem in America. It feels kind of numb. How can we seriously be watching all of these atrocities without somehow trying to overcome them? I saw an article today which suggested that Trump refused to comment on the issue after last night’s awful shooting at the newspaper office in Maryland. It disgusted me. It is as if some people don’t bat an eyelid at such horrific events.

Golly, America really does need to act fast. The political system there needs to recognise the vulnerability of its citizens and put measures into place quickly to remedy all of this. Everyone needs to make the democratically voted for Senators set policies to over turn the right to bear arms.

I was so concerned to see how many terrifying shootings have taken place this year alone. So widespread and affecting all ages. If you read this article please consider lobbying elected officials to begin the process of eradicating this crazy freedom to own and use firearms. We have to save lives by proactively overturning such a ridiculous law.

Please comment and spread awareness of this awful problem and help make it top news!

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