In the end we all just need to grin and bear it.

I feel happy. It is quite an achievement to say this and mean it. There are so many pressures on our lives and routines that this is definitely a difficult thing to truly establish. But it is true.

Sometimes life does become a drag and often things become so hectic that you just want to run away and hide until the pressure dies down. I have been like that lately as work has been piling up and everything at home has either broken or worn out with old age. That is the reality of owning a house, everything wears out eventually and sometimes all at once.

Expense is a major part of modern life and sometimes it feels as if one costly crisis is followed by another. Then you get that ridiculous 400 pound electric bill that you know is not right but it takes a long time and a lot of energy to argue and prove that you cannot possibly have used that much electric in the summer time. My new Smart meter shows that I only use about ten pounds worth of electric a week, so how on Earth did I use 400 pounds worth in three months?

Anyway… all of these things can make it hard to sleep at night. Lately for me life has become far too busy.

But finally, a slower period has arrived. The big bills are paid. Work has become quieter. The summer sunshine uplifts everything. I appreciate life again and family and friends. I feel happy once more.

Do you feel happy?

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