Killing Eve is ‘Killing It.’

Loving the new TV series on BBC iPlayer about a crazy assassin and her counterpart, a witness protection officer, turned agent.

Sandra Oh is magnificent as the agent who makes it her life mission to catch this intriguing and bonkers miscreant, played by Jodi Comer. I was first drawn to this drama when a friend said it was set in some of my favourite locations, such as Paris and Berlin. Loving the cast, including Sean Delaney and Fiona Shaw. Brilliantly comical and entertaining performances fused with a clever and witty script make this a real gem!

The episodes begin with comedy and continue with moments of high drama, delicately filmed in quite glamorous settings. The programme is beautifully shot and stylish with clever editing and a fast narrative. The interconnection between Sandra and Jodie is fascinating as it unfolds.

I hope you all take a moment to check out this series and let me know how you find the whole thing.

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