Balancing ‘Work’ with Writing.

Of course, we all know that the world is a crazy place to work in. Work these days rarely sits within the cosy hours of 9 and 5. For many people, work is flexible and taking home work to do in the evening is part and parcel of the expectation linked to modern careers. For me, this has been the problem. But I am determined not to let writing be neglected, even though other ‘work’ tends to try its hardest to get in the way.

Top Tips for balancing the two:

1) I have learned that finding time to write takes determination. I LOVE writing but finding the energy and time can seem challenging as the rigours of daily life kick in. One way I have got around this is by setting a very easy to manage minimum. This is the non-negotiable that I have set myself. I have ensured that I write for ten minutes every day. In ten minutes I may only manage a paragraph or some basic editing but it means that I keep going and do not go for weeks without writing anything. Often, I manage to spend a good hour writing, and this is when I am in my element.

2) Finding a time to squeeze in that concentrated session of fiction writing is also difficult. With working, ironing, catching up on TV series whilst doing homework on the laptop and many other demands on our time, we have to think carefully about when to slot it in. I have found that in the mid-evening, after eating and before settling down for the News and some cheesy later night telly, I can happily have a short time to write creatively. Others prefer doing it early in the morning, before they slip off to work.

3) If writing really is your passion then do not sideline it as though it were a hobby. To be a writer you need to accept and persuade those around you to accept that writing is an important part of your life and should be on par with other things you do. It may not pay the bills quite yet, but if you never take it seriously, then it certainly never will get the opportunity to.

I have just decided to return to regular blogging, I hope this has helped someone to think about their timings and inspired them to shuffle things around and write a little more. I am just about to release my first properly published book and am excited about seeing where that journey takes me.

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  1. To keep blogging regularly can be difficult at times as well, when it has to be done next to the daily tasks. [Even for retired people there often seems a shortage of time. 😉 ]

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