Summer feelings- work and distraction

This summer heat really is making it hard to concentrate. So many ideas are rushing around in my head and yet I cannot fix them down and finish an individual task.

I am a hard working person but this new climate we have really does not promote a healthy work appetite as the heat just makes it uncomfortable to do anything productive. Maybe it is time we started to have siestas like they do in Spain.

This week has been interesting in terms of the types of things that have come up as trending on twitter. From many Love Island hashtags linked to bickering twenty-somethings who want to expand their instagram followings, to earthquakes in California and scandals linked to potential prime ministers. Oh what a weird week it has been.

My instinct tells me that the kinds of things that should be trending are climate change and educational subjects and mental health. We live in a culture of excess and superficial thinking but sadly our behaviour lets us down.

In terms of writing, I spent the week exploring how to move my WIP forward, having had a few weeks break from it and suddenly realising how to unwind the middle of it. Sometimes a change is needed to help you come unstuck. Being busy with work gave my head the clarity it needed to then return to my story and develop its turning point.

I hope that you all are having such a wonderful summer and look forward to reading more inspiring blogs over the coming weeks. Blogs that will make me sit up and grapple with issues that really are important.

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