Learning a new skill

Well something that has really pulled my attention is a new hobby of mine. I have finally got around to dusting the keyboard that I bought 14 years ago and actually paying someone to teach me how to play the thing.

Luckily reading music soon came back to me. I had about a year’s worth of lessons playing the cello back in the late 1980s but never saw them through, sadly. This time I am more determined as piano is something that really thrills me. I love a soft melody and a traditional musical number.

Right now, as well as practising chords and going over using my left and right hands separately, in turn, I am trying hard to become tuneful with The Greatest Love Of All. Remembering Whitney is motivating me to get to grips with this timeless classic.

I hope that I can keep the motivation, keep attending the classes and remember to devote twenty minutes each day to maintain the practice. I would ask you to consider playing a musical instrument as it is great for stress as well as allowing you to have a sense of achievement.

Writing books and playing melodies are my favourite things to do. What are your hobbies?

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