Book Review – The Lollipop Shoes

I decided that it was time I restarted my blog and began to review some of the books that I have recently been reading. There is no better place to start than with a Joanne Harris book.

Following on from ‘Chocolat’ which was an incredibly successful novel set in rural France, published in 1999, this intriguing book was not just your average sequel. It utilised some of the main characters from the original narrative and it took them on a journey into Paris where Vianne was able to once again work in a little chocolate shop. This time she wasn’t the owner but she was able to reinvigorate her love of confectionary and talent for enticing passers by to sample her treats and get to the bottom of their worries.

A significant character who currently goes by the name Zozie, blows into town and befriends the whole family, bringing her own mischief, quirkiness and a touch of magic. Her well meaning sprucing up of the shop is not the only contribution she makes to the story. Keep an eye out for the colour she brings to everyone’s lives.

With a refreshing storyline and complex characters who you cannot help but root for, ‘The Lollipop Shoes’ entertains, indulges and tugs at your heart strings.

For a story bursting with twists and turns, unpredictable happenings and chapters written from the point of view of three of the main characters, look no further.

This book is definitely a 5 star publication. Go and have a look at a sample and you will rapidly be hooked.

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