Book Review: Nine Perfect Strangers

As a big fan of both the book, ‘Big Little Lies’ and the HBO series, I thought it would be great to sample another book by Liane Moriarty. I started to read it and was soon drawn into this novel which centres around nine characters who venture out to a Health Spa in a remote Australian venue.

Liane is very capable of writing characters that are full of life and have incredible back stories that are not only relatable, but also fascinating. I love the fact that each chapter comes from a different character. In the third person, each character bounces back and forth with their takes on events that unfold.

The story is interesting as it really makes you think about mental health and the desire to make your mind and body better. Each person has a reason for needing some nourishment and mindfulness. Some are tormented while others are merely after time away from the mill.

I enjoyed the setup of the storyline and loved the modern references and context. It made me think about how much faith one can put into therapists and how we trust certain people purely because of their job titles. The situation seems intriguing early on as the visitors are banned from using phones and forced to remain silent for a few days. THEN things start to get weird.

Her way of outlining a tale is magical with a real prowess over the English language. This book will draw you in and I hope that you will pick up a copy and join in the discussion about the scenarios that unwind. This book deserves five stars and I cannot wait until Nicole Kidman turns it into a series or film.

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