What Kind Of Writer Are You?

The other day I got you to reflect a little on what type of reader you are and today I want to examine your writing habits. Have a look at the six questions below and I will include my own answers next to each one. Let’s compare answers.

Are you a reflective writer or an impulsive one?

Do you plan everything in great detail or fly by the seat of your pants?

Whether you write on paper or type on a screen, every writer finds their own way to capture their ideas and conjure up incredible stories. It would be fun to take a moment and reflect upon how we as individuals write and perhaps consider how others choose to do so at the same time.

Do you write on the go?

1) Do you write with a pen or by typing on a keyboard?

I used to be a pen and paper guy but these days I type everything on my iPad. If I’m busy or tired then I may just type a paragraph or two at a time but at least it saves the work as I go along and I can easily add more detail later or quickly delete a passage if I feel like it. From past experience, I know that writing my ideas on paper can lead to me not being able to make much sense of them later.

2) Do you have a favourite place to write?

I am usually able to write just about anywhere but my absolute favourite place is lying down on the sofa. I like to be comfortable when I’m being creative and most of my best ideas seem to come to the forefront when I am totally relaxed, which usually happens in my living room.

3) Are you an impulsive writer?

Yes is the simple answer. If I am feeling inspired when I’m out and about, then I have to write my ideas down straight away using anything I can get my hands on to make a note of them before they vanish from my brain. Often I text myself a thought so that I can return to it later, developing it into a paragraph when I get home.

4) Do you like to plan your whole narrative in advance?

Many people like to have detailed plans to refer to when writing a story, but I actually prefer making it up as I go along. I love just starting to type and seeing where my imagination will end up. After I have reached the main event in a book, I do start to track through my work to make sure I haven’t missed anyone out. I try not to have secondary characters who don’t have much to do. I’d much prefer that they keep recurring in a story, rather than being in one chapter and never returning.

5) Are you a night writer?

Who isn’t? It fits the stereotype of a struggling writer, kept awake by their incredibly niggling stories that are aching to be told.

In all honesty I find myself writing at all times of the day. If an idea is swirling around in my head then I can’t relax fully until I have found a way to get it recorded, either on my iPad or on a spare piece of paper. I’ve even been known to write on the back of envelopes which still contain unopened mail.

6) Do you have a favourite writing snack? Or is writing your food?

For me, I love to have a cup of tea freshly made, when a I am trying to get into my writing. A couple of ginger biscuits to dip into the hot drink and I am off into another world; the place where fiction unfolds.

Some people say no to eating and drinking whilst on the job but for me writing is a pleasurable activity and so having a few treats while I do it can only make it more enjoyable.

I hope that you found this post fun and had a go at the questions yourself. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “What Kind Of Writer Are You?

  1. I enjoyed your post. Music is a mood enhancer for me and helps my creativity. I depend on airpods and favorite playlists. I got the idea from Stephen King’s book On Writing (although blasting heavy metal wouldn’t work for me).

  2. Interesting! I need to start making my writing process pleasurable. Thanks

  3. Ginger biscuits, yayyyy. I’m an impulsive writer too. Sometimes I want to have a plan.

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