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I have really got into blogging this month and enjoyed becoming part of the brilliant blogging community. As a reading blogger I felt I should write about some of the authors who influence me most and inspire me as a reader. In this post I mention contemporary writers who have produced high standard narratives that kept me fully engaged.

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Joanne Harris

Anyone who knows me will be aware of the fact that I love Joanne’s writing style. She usually writes in short chapters and often in the first person, with alternative chapters written through the eyes of different characters.

I read her novel, ‘Chocolat’ and then went on to watch the movie. Both were wonderful and the storyline about a woman taking over a Chocolate shop in a rather traditional, stuck-in-its-ways village in France, was immediately captivating. The way that she used the preparation of food and language related to taste and smell really intrigued me so I went on to read more of her work. As well as her French books, she has quirky novellas based on Folklore. She also wrote two books about the Norse God Loki. All of her work is entertaining, descriptive and well written.

Joanne has a new thriller novel out called ‘A Narrow Door’. It follows on from her books set in a stuck-in-its-ways private old school. She also has a series of short stories revolving around new fairy tales for adults. It’s called ‘Honeycomb’ and the art work is wonderful,

Liane Moriarty

Seeing Nicole Kidman on the front of a book called ‘Big Little Lies’ I was intrigued to read the story before I then sat down and watched the HBO series. Both were fantastic but Liane’s writing style totally sucked me in and I was soon checking out her other work. Later I went on to read ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ which I have reviewed previously on my blog. https://jamieadstories.blog/2021/06/16/books-that-more-than-satisfied/

She writes in the ‘close third person’ and is able to bring some very modern characters to life. Her writing is clever and relatable. The way that she gives away nuggets of detail in the conversations is seamless. I am totally hooked on her books which include ‘The Hypnotist’s Love Story’ where Ellen’s new boyfriend comes with the baggage of an ex who happens to be a stalker. The hypnotist becomes fascinated by the other woman and their paths cross in a twisted story of jealousy and discomfort.

John Boyne

It was quite random that I came across a book of short stories in Apple Books that led me to becoming a fan of John Boyne. ‘Beneath the Earth’ has a range of stories with varying contexts including one about a university student who didn’t want his initials ‘B.S’ to be inscribed on his student card for reasons that soon became clear.

All of his writing is witty and often quite thought-provoking. His sharp words can sometimes be alarming as he never holds back in trying to show a real picture of life for the colourful characters that he describes. When reading his short book called ‘The Dare’ you get to know a boy whose mother seems to have run over another kid and put him in hospital. Meanwhile the main character befriends the unconscious boy’s sister. A peculiar premise for a heart-wrenching tale.

These writers all have distinctive styles and write compelling narratives that draw readers in and never fail to put a smile on their faces. I totally recommend checking out one of their books soon.

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