Lockdowns Over (for now)

Can we get back to enjoying life?

As England sees its lockdowns end,

Some things excite, but I can’t pretend,

To be completely satisfied,

That when they say we’re safe, they’ve not lied.

Yes we have had a football contest,

And many people chose to protest,

About the restrictions and wearing masks,

But was mask wearing such an awful task?

Will unlocking make everything right?

Can high Covid rates be an oversight?

Will our NHS doctors thank us for this,

Or is it just a game of ‘hit or miss’?

I want to believe that the worst is behind us,

That we can now live our lives without a reason to fuss.

To wave goodbye to Covid and grief.

Oh how that would be such a relief.

So fingers crossed and let’s move on,

But don’t make us regret it, I hope I’m wrong,

I hope we can get back to doing nice things,

And all the pleasure that used to bring,

Is the mist rising or falling?

2 thoughts on “Lockdowns Over (for now)

  1. This is good. Let’s hope the confusion and lock downs are over for good.

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