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After a few crazy weeks at work and some massive deadlines to meet, I am finally getting back to my usual reading pattern. There were some books that I had begun which I am now immersed in once more.

Here are the books that I’m currently engrossed in. You may think it odd that I read several books at once, but I always have and I absolutely love having multiple narratives on the go.

1) Writers and Lovers by Lily King

Will her book ever get published and will she choose a lover?

A newbie writer is working as a waitress and struggling to pay off her debts, when the story finds her back in dating mode. One of her dates is an older writer who has a ready-made family and some significant publishing success. Oscar makes her feel safe and insecure at the same time but he has a big heart and good brain.

She also dates another guy who is closer to her age and is less easy to tie down. He pops in and out of her life and always excites her but she bounces between the guys while editing a final draft of her debut novel. The question is, ‘Who will she choose and when will she get published?’

This story is well written, entertaining and very modern.

2) Leah on the Offbeat

You will love Leah.

This book follows the characters from ‘Love, Simon’ and continues the antics that go on in Becky Albertalli’s fictional town of Creekwood. Told from the eyes of Leah, a bi-curious teen who happens to be best mates with Simon, it is a comforting read.

This story is cool and delves into Leah’s thoughts and perceptions, including her own worries about her appearance. She is intrigued by her girl friend Abby and has a male admirer who she also feels drawn to. Spending a few days checking out a university, she really gets to know Abby better and we see the ups and downs of her busy life.

I am still midway through this book but the storytelling is chatty, endearing and intriguing. This is definitely a book that keeps you wanting to read on.

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