A Sweet Reminder

Shall we now begin to take some responsibility?

Even when the skies are grey,

And night time merges into day,

The world is such a precious place,

It puts a smile upon my face.

I think about nature and scenic views,

But sometimes I worry when I watch the news,

And see forests are burning and creatures extinct,

We need a response. It must be succinct.

Humans are animals too, you see,

We share a responsibility,

To preserve everything growing, flowering with joy,

To treat our world as a home, not merely a toy.

Now is the time for us to rebel,

To make changes that stop an ecological hell.

Let’s cherish the planet and value all things,

The next step in our journey must surely now begin…

6 thoughts on “A Sweet Reminder

  1. Yes and not even debate it any more. Just act on it. I have stopped using planes as have seen evidence that these are major contributors. Thanks for checking it out.

  2. Our planet is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, it took us too long to realize that we were destroying it and that the destruction of our planet means our own destruction.
    Beautiful and playful poem that makes the reader think!

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