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On my Youtube channel I began with a section called ‘Adore-thors’ where I celebrate some of my favourite writers. With today being the launch day for her new psychological thriller, I wanted to share some thoughts about the brilliant Joanne Harris. So now Adore-thors is a blog feature too.

Without a doubt, Joanne Harris’ books have captivated me for over twenty years. I have taken them on holiday with me and constantly have at least one on the go, including right now. Having met her on two occasions I realised that she is humble, funny and incredibly knowledgeable. That is why I adore her work and want to share information about her books in my blog.

Her latest book in the St Oswald’s series.

When she released her third book, Chocolat, she took the world by storm. It soon became a movie and the tie-in cover had Juliette Binoche on it, which is why it originally grabbed my attention. So I read the book and soon got round to checking out the film. Both were amazing and her writing style particularly grabbed me.

With Chocolat using all the senses and describing food in great detail it basically made me hungry for more. So on the way to a Paris holiday I devoured another book called ‘Five Quarters of an Orange’, also set in France. But French books were not Joanne’s single niche.

Different Genres

Over time I kept coming back to her books, initially when I discovered her set of very different short stories. ‘Jigs and Reels’ provided an interesting and often witty collection of stories that showed me her clever imagination and diversity. This writer had skill!

Later I met Loki, the trickster God, in her book ‘The Gospel of Loki’. This was a kind of YA fantasy book that explored her love of Norse mythology and was part of a group of novels on a similar theme, including Runemarks.

But it was her first book set in a quaint private school known as St Oswald’s that began a series which she is carrying on today. Getting to know the teachers and students in the incredible ‘Gentlemen and Players’ I was surprised by the twists and turns that kept me guessing right up to the end.

My review of ‘Gentlemen and Players’ can be found here

So I wish Joanne a great publication day today for her fourth book in the series. It’s called ‘A Narrow Door’ and looks every bit as absorbing as her other wonderful books.

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  1. I’ll be honest – I had no clue that Chocolat was an adaptation. That’s so intriguing and now I definitely think I need to read the book, along with some of her other work! Her style of writing sounds really interesting. It’s awesome that you’ve had a chance to met her too!

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