A Dragon and Knight Thing (Book Review)

A while ago I read a blog post about a book called ‘The Dragon of Ynys’ by Minerva Cerridwen. Not being one to read much fantasy fiction, I felt this one was intriguing enough to buy and try. Being relatively short and with such a strong recommendation in the blog (sadly I lost track of whose blog it was) I soon found myself enjoying this feel-good story of a dragon and knight who unite on a mission.

She wrote it originally in response to a call for submissions by a small publisher who celebrated LGBT+ stories. The requirement was for a story with a dragon in it and so along came the dragon of Ynys idea.


When various items of clothing and jewellery go missing in the town of Ynys, the local knight has to find the culprit. Eventually realising that a dragon is hoarding things in a cave nearby, he makes several trips to retrieve things and forms a friendship with the dragon, known as Snap.

Soon after, a missing baker causes the two of them to go and look for her. At the same time, whilst making new friends and coming up against hurdles on the way, the characters also deal with subjects such as gender identity.


The way that acceptance is discussed and interwoven into the storyline is something Minerva can be very proud of. Her writing is sensitive and thoughtful with regard to these issues. Weaving a knight and dragon story of going on a journey and overcoming barriers with conversations about mental health and self image is very clever.

This is a short but fun story which makes you feel good about humanity. It draws to attention very relevant topics and also highlights characters who are rounded and lovable.

This fantasy book is very different to anything that I have read before. I found it sweet and enjoyable, and was rooting for the characters all the way along. I certainly suggest checking out the first chapter to see if it grabs your interest. I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I went with my gut instinct. Perhaps I may even try a few more fantasy books in future. The Dragon Of Ynys definitely got me interested in the genre.

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  1. This looks like a really good book! Thank you for sharing such a in-depth review Xo

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