Beach Your Worries

A beach is full of intrigue.

As the sea slurps against the beach,

Hope and opportunity seem within reach.

Your brain is ignited with ideas,

As gently the sea air ensures your mind clears.

With warmth on your back and a book by your side,

A day on the beach and you’re soon ready to ride,

The waves of life’s daily slog, refreshed for a while,

At least if work’s dragging, you can remember and smile.

The seagulls swoop over and add to the sound,

Though if you close your eyes, no ones’ around,

And you can be anywhere, happy and sublime,

If you play your cards right, you’ll be back in no time.

This was a poem I wrote as I prepare for a little seaside holiday. There may be a few seaside pics to follow but I hope to keep up my usual reading posts.

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