How Can You Regain Your Reading Passion?

Have you tried reading outside?

When you get too used to a particular routine it can sometimes become dull. Reading is no different, especially if you constantly read the same types of books or stick in your comfort zone. People talk about reading slumps but I don’t tend to fall into them. I do however need to mix up my reading a bit now and again.

Although I lean towards drama books, usually contemporary stories with relatable characters, I also read YA mysteries a lot too. I certainly find it more interesting to have several books on the go at once. This enables me to pick whichever book suits my mood each day.

Here are some fun questions to consider. As always, I have written my responses under each question and would love to see your comments below.

1) Do you have times when reading is a chore?

For me, reading is never a slog but there are plenty of times when work takes over and I become too tired to read in the evenings. I try and get round this by reading shorter amounts or squeezing in lunchtime reading while as work.

2) Does your reading vary?

When I ask this, I am talking about the range of books that you read. Recently I have tried some fantasy books, which are very different to anything that I’ve read as an adult. Additionally, I read non-fiction regularly and dabble in crime novels as well as biographies.

We often go back to what we know and the types of books we are used to. It can be enriching to try books from outside of our comfort zones. I still have to get round to trying to read a Sci-Fi book although this will be quite a change from my usual reading.

3) Are you willing to try something new?

For me, regularly trying out work by a brand new author is really important. Every new and independent author deserves a chance and they all need people to sample their work and give them some reviews. As an Indie writer myself, I appreciate how tricky it is to promote your own work. Recently I read two books by new authors and loved them.

4) Have you altered your reading times?

When reading does start to drag it is well worth switching up the times that you read. For me, I like morning reading and just before sleeping, as I wind down in bed. I am happy to read at any time but I know many people have a safety net of reading at a set time every day and this can become too boring for them. I’d suggest changing the time of day if this happens and even the location. Reading in the garden may feel different to reading in bed, for instance.

5) Do you read book reviews?

I recently tried a fantasy book because of a positive review in a blog. Checking out blogs that review books can often inspire you to read something fresh and different to your usual book types. Similarly checking out lists of new or rated books on bookseller websites can give you great ideas for what to read next.

Hopefully this has made you think about your own reading habits and you might share your thoughts in the comments. If you enjoyed this post perhaps consider subscribing to my blog. For another post about reading habits, click here.

18 thoughts on “How Can You Regain Your Reading Passion?

  1. This is a great post. I’ve been a life long reader but there’s definitely been times where I’ve not wanted to read very much. I find switching up my routine and the books I’m reading really helps x

  2. I adore reading and love to spend time each day doing it but when life gets really tough, reading is one of the first things I stop doing despite the joy it brings me. I recently stopped reading for over a year and have fairly recently found my way back to it so these tips are super useful to try out during another time when reading becomes too difficult. Thanks for the info!

  3. I read before going to sleep every night unless I’ve had a few too many drinks or I’m absolutely exhausted. My older son does the same and my 6 yr old is starting to build the habit already too.

  4. Reading becomes a chore when I convince myself I need to write a review about every single book I read. That’s why I have learned to allow “fun reads” that are for myself only!

  5. It’s been a long time since I read for enjoyment. I normally read to learn something or research something for work, education, or my blog

  6. I have been adding more variety into what I read over the last couple years. I love to read thriller and mystery, but have been checking out some other genres to keep it interesting. Sometimes reading can start to feel like a chore if I’m just feeling really busy or tired, but once I start I always enjoy it and get into it!

  7. I love to read! Time is really the issue for me but I’m trying to make it part of my bedtime routine. I love to have a variety of books some that are fiction and some that are more educational. I do read book reviews. I like to know what I’m reading is a good read before I buy it. I’m also part of a book club so that’s great for recommendations and it’s really nice to take time to discuss books with friends too

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