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Many of us are writers and bloggers or work from home and all of us are looking for ways to make savings or increase our incomes a bit. This blog article is to share a few money saving tips that I have learned about making savings and using money more wisely. I am no professional financial advisor but just sharing my own experiences. Additionally, I am not being paid to promote any services.

Can you make better use of your real money or are you living like a monopoly dreamer?

1) Have an e-savings account

I have an e-savings account attached to my Nationwide Building Society one and every time I spend, the app tells me how much I would have if I rounded up the amount to the nearest pound. For example, if I used my card to buy something for £5.19 the app would suggest I save 81p. These reminders help me to manage money and I click accept to send these small amounts into my e-savings each time.

2) Get a 0% interest credit card transfer

You hear about this a lot and I have just completed a transfer, where I have consolidated the balances of two cards onto a new zero percent interest card, which protects that level of interest for 26 months. It is saving me lots of interest fees and enabling me to make bigger payments to get the total down overall.

You can usually check whether or not you are eligible for a new zero percent credit card by using a credit check website such as Clearscore. If you apply straight away directly with the card provider, the credit search can negatively affect your credit rating so it is definitely better to go through a credit check website initially.

3) Add adverts to your website

We all have to try and make ends meet and providing content is hard work, so why not add online adverts to your blog or website. I initially did this using Google Adsense on my personal website and then used WordAds which are partnered with WordPress to add adverts to this blog. It takes ages to see the results but after a while the pennies eventually add up.

4) Buy shares

Having tried to understand Bitcoin and finding it very confusing, I was recommended Moneybox, which is an app on which you can buy shares and add savings. I split my cash between the two (shares and savings) and every week I pop some more money into the app and have enjoyed watching the savings grow steadily and the shares do well. Moneybox gives you choices that allow you to be safe or ambitious with your shares. You can choose between stock market shares in large companies such as Disney or property bonds. I have used this app now for over a year and taken some money out with a nice profit included.

5) Try Extra Acting Work

Joining an agency to become an Extra/ background actor is easy and free.

A friend suggested I join an Extras agency for when I have free time in the summer and I have been offered lots of opportunities to be an Extra on film sets or TV projects. Often I have had to reject the offers due to work commitments, but when I have taken part the income has been very welcome. Usually a standard day pays up to £200 and extra hours mean a higher rate. So far I have enjoyed pretending to work in a morgue while detectives talked about a corpse and have been a protestor watching Kiera Knightley work her magic on a movie set.

These are just some suggestions that I have made based on my own experience of trying to save and make a little extra cash. Please share your thoughts and suggestions below. If you want more blog posts about writing, reading and the environment, perhaps consider following my blog. Click this to see another post about working from home.

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  1. Nice tips… I have been using some survey apps lately to make some extra cash.. The money adds up very slowly but it does 😀… Thanks for sharing your experience…

  2. I had never considered being an extra in a movie before but I bet that would be so much fun! Sign me up!! Not sure if there’s that many opportunities for it in Spain though but sounds like so much fun! You should write about the experience!

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