Books Are Everything

Books bring light into your soul.

Books are like doorways,

That open into new lands,

As you walk through one,

You enter an author’s hands.

Sometimes they temp you,

To delve further in,

Often they tease you,

Make you giggle and grin.

Writers may grasp you,

Holding on with firm grip,

Others build tension,

Before letting rip.

Books are like mirrors,

Reflecting your dreams,

Sometimes a great story,

Is not what it first seems.

Books filled with fiction,

Can make you feel good,

So go pick one up,

You know that you should.

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15 thoughts on “Books Are Everything

  1. Love this! You’ve perfectly summed up what books mean to me – they can be so many different things, but they’re all great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this, and it’s so true. It can be such a rollercoaster popping in and out of someone else’s world for an hour or two.

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