Keep It Fresh – Poem

Green is better than smog.

Fresh air is so important,

It keeps our lungs quite clean,

So why so much pollution?

It isn’t very green!

Lungs are dark in cities,

Muddied by constant smog.

Car engines always stalling,

No place to walk a dog.

Animals matter too, you know,

Pollution makes them sick,

We need to start to change things,

And make the changes stick.

So walk a little more, my friend,

Or catch a train or bus,

Keep the car for distances,

Trying cycling, it’s less fuss.

Politicians need to learn

That coal and gas are bad.

We all know there are better sources,

Let’s use them and be glad.

I suppose it’s easy to forget

That pollution is around.

It doesn’t sing, it doesn’t dance,

And poisons without a sound.

I dream a dream of futures

When renewables rule the day.

Solar, wind and thermal,

Have chased fossil fuels away.

23 thoughts on “Keep It Fresh – Poem

  1. Oh I dream of that future too! I really hope renewables become more mainstream. I love (and hate too, in reality I suppose) that image of lungs being dark in cities.

  2. This is a wonderful poem & it’s sad that many politicians aren’t open to renewable resources.
    Luckily in Denmark though wind energy is huge & they’re even building an island for a wind energy farm.

  3. This is a great poem with a powerful messages. I love that it’ll speak people from all walks of life too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really enjoyed this poem. It includes such an important reminder that there’s a lot of work to be done for a better future. Thank you for sharing Jamie!

  5. good poem about the detrimental effects of air pollution. let’s hope that one day there will be less air pollution in the future

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