Environmental Education Should Be Compulsory

Glaciers are shrinking as polar regions warm twice as rapidly as the rest of the globe.

Most of you will know that I have a passion for environmental issues as well as reading. In a world where global warming is becoming so visible, it makes no sense to me that the environment is not given more consideration in schools.

In this blog post I want to make the case for ‘Environmental Education’ being a separate, compulsory subject in all schools. I hope that you will read my thoughts and include your own opinions in the comments section below.

Reasons for Environmental Education being taught:

1) Everyone is affected by climate change. It is the biggest problem looming over the world at the moment and is mainly caused by us humans.

2) Currently there is a very poor coverage of environmental issues in education. It is touched upon in Geography and Science but has little limelight. Many young people have no idea that these problems exist and that they will be empowered to deal with the flack from this situation.

We often have no idea that people and animals are suffering in distant places because of climate change.

3) This is a subject in its own right. Everybody deserves to know the facts about temperature rise, pollution and the affects of these. They should be made aware of flooding, melting glaciers, a decreased gulf stream, sea level rise, desertification, deforestation, urban pollution and animal extinctions. The list goes on…

4) We need everybody on board. If young people aren’t given all the facts, they will not be best equipped to do something about the problems as they swell.

5) With people already losing homes through flooding, suffering food shortages and dealing with massive storms, this subject is relevant NOW. Education should be covering all of these events and discussing what caused them and how we can make a difference by changing mindsets and government policies.

There are so many more elements to this but for me it just makes no sense that the environment isn’t given strong coverage in classrooms and assemblies. Children have a right to know how pollution is impacting on the world and what they can do to change things for the better.

More articles will follow related to this. As you can see I feel very strongly that ‘Environmental Education’ has a big role to play in helping change our future. I hope that you enjoyed this post and will comment below. For a similar post look here.

27 thoughts on “Environmental Education Should Be Compulsory

  1. I totally agree and I think some schools do provide a good grounding. My kids learn about importance of maintaining the rainforest and keeping our oceans clean, among many other aspects of environmental protection.

  2. I definitely agree with all this, it’s so important that young people have the chance to learn more about the environment and all the current problems surrounding it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The environment is our home. We should all become more aware of the ways we can protect it. I definitely agree with you that it should be taught to kids from an early age.

  4. I LOVE this. I agree!! I never learned about climate change or even recycling in school! I have educated myself and try to bring awareness to others but some are stuck in their ways. I remind them that if they continue not to care, we will no longer be here! The world needs our help!


  5. I think that schools should be teaching this from a young age and about the importance of being sustainable. More awareness is key for change. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  6. Great post. I think this issue should be on syllabuses in school, to educate children about protecting the planet from the harmful effects of climate change, which are more evident now. I enjoy things scientific, especially this matter which needs our attention.

  7. Absolutely this! Biggest challenge we’re facing. I think the media can do a lot better too (my own company included), there are so many steps that people can take that they aren’t aware of x

  8. I completely agree! It is such an important topic and something that is ever evolving as well. Some schools I think have a good foundation for the environmental education, but it’s definitely worthy of a place in every curriculum and more attention!

  9. This is such an important topic and I definitely agree with you! With proper environmental education we can raise a generation of individuals who actually put the environment first and make healthy lifestyle decisions based off of it, as well as world leaders that prioritize nature over profits.

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