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I woke up feeling cold for the first time in ages and suddenly thought, ‘YES! We are on our way to winter!’ Being a person who loves cold weather, cosy evenings and roast dinners, nothing makes me happier than snow, hot chocolate and Christmas music.

So I decided to share a few books which are set in winter that really impressed me. Christmas often plays a huge part in winter books, but not always. For me, a winter book is made obvious by the characters being wrapped up in thick coats and the snowy weather adding texture to their settings.

Dash and Lily (three books)

Fun, clever and moving.

The Dash and Lily books are all set at Christmas time and, although they are in the YA category, they are such exquisite reads for any adult too. The language is trickier than some YA books because the characters are very intellectual thinkers, especially Dash. Often he refers to stuff that I have to Google.

The stories are clever, with two characters who found each other via a moleskin notebook left in a book shop. The little book was left by Lily to catch a keen reader’s eye and maybe find her a perfect boyfriend. After they connected, their funny, moving and adventurous narrative continued into a third book where they spent time in England.

Because the characters are so likeable, and each chapter is written by one of them, you will have so much fun reading about Dash and Lily’s thoughts as they look to their futures, explore some highlights of their home town, New York, and engage with their slightly odd families. For a previous post about excellent YA writers (and Dash and Lily) click this. I will be writing more about the third book nearer to Christmas.

As Winter approaches, I will be writing about more seasonal books that have interested and excited me. If you like this kind of content, please consider supporting me by following my blog.

13 thoughts on “Winter Books to Check Out

  1. I love winter books, especially Christmas themed, so I look forward to see the other books you recommend 🙂

  2. Its my 1st time ever on a blog and 1st time on yours, so I am a double Virgin until now. LOL

  3. I saw that there’s the Dash & Lily series on Netflix, but I didn’t know they were books. The books sound so cute & I love that they’re set around Christmas!

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