Ten Happy Things

For today’s Blogtober post I wanted to share some simple things that never fail to make me smile. After yesterday being a bit full on I definitely need a pick me up. I wonder what brings a smile to your face.

Cats are so sweet.

1) Cats. Just seeing a cat always calms me down. As I drove home today I saw several prowling around. Currently I don’t have one but cats have been a pet of choice in the past and I have fond memories of a moggy I had when I was little.

2) Rainbows. They always seem to brighten things up, usually after a dramatic rain storm.

3) The Sound of Music. If I see it coming on telly I find myself putting down whatever I am doing and being drawn into the Von Trapp family singalong.

4) Chocolate. I buy one big fruit and nut chocolate bar every week and break a bit off every day after work. Nothing beats that soothing taste.

5) A winter bath. This one is obvious. Who doesn’t love a soak on a frosty day?

6) Milkshake. Any kind, made from ice cream and cheap and cheerful from the supermarket.

7) Good books. If I am feeling serious I read non-fiction and if I feel like drama I have plenty of novels to turn to.

8) A cardio workout. Whether it’s aerobics or dancing, spinning or HIIT workouts, I always feel so much better after making the effort.

9) Anything Disney. I really want to explore Disneyland Paris more as have only been there once.

10) My friends and colleagues. So many of my closest friends are funny and entertaining. They rarely fail to make me laugh.

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30 thoughts on “Ten Happy Things

  1. Ahhh lovely post! Sometimes it’s the simple, innocent but lovely things that make it all worth it! Love this.

  2. OMG we have a very similar list. I love a warm bath particularly in winter. I can’t get enough chocolate. Being outside in nature is fab, I love being around water. And cats always remind me to slow down and relax

  3. This post made me smile. Thanks for that. Rainbows are amazing. I always try & take a picture but they always look better in real life!

    Chocolate is required for a pick me up now & then. I’m also a huge fan of baths. It’s my go to relaxing method when I haven’t had enough sleep or just feeling rubbish.

  4. I’m pretty much with you on all of these Jamie, especially chocolate, Disney and Sound of Music! Though I do prefer dogs to cats…

  5. Love this so much… Just a little moment of calm and positivity! (And it started with an adorable kitten c’mon!)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Excellent list … apart from #3! I was already smiling just from seeing the cat picture and then you spring that on me! I must have a set a world record for the fastest change from happy face to sad face 🙂 🙁

    Seriously though, I think it just goes to show that we are all different in the things that make us happy. Hope that you are having a better day today 🙂

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