The Morning Show – Hollywood But Satisfying

When you think about ‘The Morning Show’ you probably know that it was Apple TV Plus’s flagship show when they started streaming TV shows last year. Yes, it was massively hyped but I have nonetheless become a huge fan.

On a basic level, it was fun to see Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston reunite on screen. I hadn’t seen them together since Reese played Rachel’s manic sister in ‘Friends’. But there was more to the show than just these two screen legends. It was a programme packed with dilemmas and challenging topics.

This duo are full of energy, emotion and envy.

‘The Morning Show’ is about a big budget breakfast TV programme which is run by a fictional TV company in New York, called UBA. At the beginning of the first series we find Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) presenting alongside Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) as part of an established anchor team. Quickly this apparently strong partnership is destroyed as it comes out that Mitch has mistreated several women.

Reese’s character is a rural reporter for a local TV channel and soon becomes popular with The Morning Show’s boss. As the Mitch drama opens the door to more complaints about male misconduct in the company, Bradley Jackson (Reese) gets her foot in the door of the TV breakfast show and starts to rattle things further.

I like the fact that Apple only release one episode a week, like in the old days. Currently the second season is bringing a new episode out every Friday and so far I am loving it. It really makes you think about workplace relationships and shines a light on some serious issues that we might otherwise turn our backs to. The script delivers every time and, even though it is fairly glamorous, it digs deep into modern attitudes and pressures.

If you have an Apple TV Plus membership then definitely check out ‘The Morning Show’ as it is gripping and covers lots of contemporary problems. Reese and Jennifer really do lead a talented cast as they act out some very difficult stories.

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11 thoughts on “The Morning Show – Hollywood But Satisfying

  1. I haven’t watched the show but now I want to! One thing I’m loving lately about streaming services is that they have gone back to the new episode every week format, it lets one “savor” the episode and enjoy it more.

    Loren | Plaid and Sugar

  2. I watched the first season but haven’t seen any of the second yet. I thought it was brilliant. Especially the dynamic between Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell’s characters. It really showed how blurred the lines were and how things are changing since the ‘me too’ movement. Each character is flawed in their own way and it shows how hard it is to spot the ‘good guys’ although I was a Charlie fan from the beginning x

  3. I’ve heard about this show but I haven’t watched it yet, I need to though! It looks amazing!

  4. I haven’t watched the show but I love Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. I should really watch it x) Thanks for a great review. You made me realize I should really watch it. Sounds worth it.

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