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Anyone who knows me will say that I adore all things winter. I actually like feeling cold and then going into a warm building or wrapping myself up in a thick coat and gloves. As an environmental blogger, I care very much about our climate and it saddens me to think that we have far less snow than we used to. I love snow!

At this time of year I generally select books that are set in winter or involve snowy landscapes. Nothing beats reading about ski lodges nestled in snowy mountain ranges or snowflakes falling during a key scene in a powerful narrative.

I know it looks harsh to some people, but to me, winter scenes are beautiful.

Just for fun, I wanted to share why I love winter stories so much and encourage you to comment your own thoughts about this below. Here are some of my reasons:

– Books set in winter time are usually full of emotions and drama. Cold weather and conflict often go hand in hand. I enjoyed reading ‘The Chalet’ last winter because of its Alpine setting and high drama. For my review of this, click here.

– Snow makes for a beautiful setting and even just being described in words it decorates a story wonderfully. So many of these novels have me reaching for a hot cup of tea and dreaming about snowball fights and sled rides.

– I miss snow. Due to this reason, finding any excuse to appreciate it works for me. Reading about characters going about their business during inclement weather reminds me of the days when I trudged to work through heavy snow and enjoyed the bite of the frost.

– I even read romance novels at this time of year, mainly because they often use wintry weather well. Last year I read ‘One Perfect Christmas’ by Paige Toon, purely because of the setting (Cambridge at Christmas). It also introduced me to a new author that I came to like.

Everyone has a favourite season but, for me, winter beats them all, hands down. This is mainly because of the imagery of a snowy landscape and that feeling of comfort that this presents. If you enjoyed this post, please follow my blog for similar future content.

21 thoughts on “Winter Stories

  1. I love snowfall. Since I’m from a warm region we never get snow here so snowfall has always fascinated me.

  2. The ill-fated prince in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale said “a sad tale’s best for winter.” Sadly, we never got to hear it, but I believe he said it involved “sprites and goblins.”

  3. I love reading books that describe Autumn for much the same reasons that you enjoy winter settings. The description of fall foliage, smell of apple cider and pumpkins make me smile while reading the book. I especially like those set in New England – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont. : )

  4. I love snow and reading winter themed romances and I totally agree that due to climate change we don’t see nearly as much snow (especially where I live) now than in decades and even centuries past. Thanks for a uch a wonderfully thought provoking post 🙂

  5. Snow looks much prettier in photos than in real life! But there is definitely something wonderful about a fresh snowfall.

  6. “I actually like feeling cold and then going into a warm building or wrapping myself up in a thick coat and gloves. ” This must be the best feeling ever!

    Romanian winters (I’m Romanian) used to be those fairy-tale winters, with snow up above the knees, not freezing but just cold enough, beautifully white….. haven’t seen that in quite a few years 🙁 I’ve only my memories now. It’s why I too love winter-set books. From horror to young adult, I just love reading about and feeling that crisp air and white landscape ( Moon of the crusted snow is an apocalyptic-ish story that described the Canadian winters so well I still have vivid images in my head)

  7. What a lovely post! You actually made me slightly appreciate snow! LOL. I grew up in Manchester so I used to love snow as a kid, but as an adult and before learning to drive, trudging up the road in the snow, missing trains due to bad weather, I just hated the whole of winter. Now I live in Australia I would love to bring my little girl to England so she can see snow, which she finds fascinating. When you know you’re going to be cold, you dress appropriately, and it’s much more fun. You can go to Xmas markets, and eat hearty food, but give me warm weather any day!

  8. yes winter is so beautiful especially with snow. unfortunately living in the south I don’t get any snow 🙁 except in pictures

  9. I love winter stories too, particularly when they are set at Christmastime! I enjoy reading about characters trudging through the snow to get gifts for their loved ones while taking in the scenery and drinking hot chocolate! Although winter is not my favourite season (short days) I do see the romantic aspect of winter as well. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love the odd snow day but to be honest, I am a more of a summer person! Saying that I completely agree with you that a snowy scene is always good in a book 🙂

  11. Winter is a beautiful season. I love snow band I miss winter. I wish I can travel to a four season country during winter and play with snow. Hehehe.

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