I Miss Snow – A Poem

My one snowy day in 2021. I miss snow.

I miss the snow,

With its beautiful glow.

Miss the buttery frost,

Without it I am lost.

I miss the fun,

Get fed up of just sun,

Miss the snowflakes,

And the gleam the snow makes.

I miss snowball fights,

And cold, hot chocolate nights.

Miss the spiky holly,

And the winter jolly.

I miss the warmth and feeling,

Of gloves and hats; so appealing.

Miss the glistening scenery,

That sweep the memories back to me.

I would absolutely love some snowy days as they are part of our way of life. As a kid, I recall long enough Sunday walks in the whitened Fens. Global warming seems to be putting an end to snowy England. So yes indeed… I miss snow.

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