Worry Poem

Every day I worry,

Every day I care,

My head is full of problems,

It’s neither here nor there.

When I’m full of worry,

It keeps me up at night,

The world has many troubles,

I want to do what’s right.

I worry about the climate,

Of how some just don’t hear,

The fact the world is changing,

A turning point is near.

I worry for the future,

Hoping to solve all issues.

I want to know we’re doing our best,

And we won’t be needing tissues.

22 thoughts on “Worry Poem

  1. Beautiful poetry Jamie. I think this will resonate with a lot of people’s worries, including my own.

  2. Beautiful, if only it was easier to worry less. Unfortunately with everything happening in the world today, it is easy to fall into worry. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful poem. I feel like we have very similar worrying minds. I wrote a similar poem myself last year about worrying often. Great job.

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