Climate Change Matters – A Poem

I love the countryside. Let’s look after it and everything else.

Ecofriendly? How much does it cost?

If we keep ignoring, our fun will soon be lost.

Change costs money, sad as it may be,

But the future is fragile, can’t you see?

Ecofriendly. We need to make a move,

As currently we are stuck in a destructive groove.

Change is scary and hard to comprehend,

But keeping on like this, when will it ever end?

People are becoming obsessed with possessions and things,

Some don’t care what tomorrow actually brings.

But think for a minute about a world of floods, famine and fear,

Let’s make a difference, because a climate emergency is here.

13 thoughts on “Climate Change Matters – A Poem

  1. I must say you have written very well! Climate change is real. Together we can definitely make the difference.

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    Wishing you success & support in your journey! Keep writing.

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