Are there any climate optimists?

When I read this article by Tom, it rang true with me. It is a powerful piece that is hard-hitting and highly relevant. As an eco blogger myself, I really want COP26 to hit the headlines and for the leaders to make enormous changes immediately. I hope the whole thing isn’t clouded by some silly debate about English Channel fisheries. Take a look at what Tom has stated.

This is not a climate change blog. It’s a website dedicated to discussing any issue that catches my attention, whilst also providing an outlet to …

Are there any climate optimists?

3 thoughts on “Are there any climate optimists?

  1. I read the article and enjoyed it! So often people think of the climate and the future in quite a negative outlook, myself included, because unless there’s a drastic change everything will just get worse and it makes you think.

    Thanks for sharing!

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