Quick Climate Thoughts

I want the countryside to be protected. Not just humans, but all species have a right to survive.

It was a very busy day today but I made sure that I had conversations with colleagues and others about climate change. I was surprised how little awareness they had about the COP26 Summit happening in Glasgow.

Word of mouth is going to be so important in awakening everyone to the significance of this climate conference. Many people are saying it is vital that this meeting ends in visible changes or we stand little chance of keeping temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

I heard on the radio that Greta Thunberg had led a protest next to the Glasgow meeting. Her words resonated with me as they ought to with anyone who hears them. She said on Twitter, “As citizens across the planet, we urge you to face up to the climate emergency. Not next year. Not next month. Now.”


It is only day one but I will be watching the COP26 discussions closely and trying to ensure that as many people as possible engage with this topic. There must be scientists out there who can come together to find ways to solve some of our pollution problems.

Keep talking about Climate Change and share your thoughts on what comes to light at the international Summit.

9 thoughts on “Quick Climate Thoughts

  1. I find them all hypocritical apart from Greta.

    All these people who go on about climate change are the ones who are making the most damage.

    Flying around the planet or private jets, having fleets of cars for their security, eating food that have more air miles than I do.

    They need to take a long hard look in the mirror before telling us that we need to change our lives when they’re doing nothing but talking about it.

  2. I firmly believe that all the know-how and tech and money is available but little action is/will be taken. The time for words is over, actual accountable and measurable action is needed, and I agree with Greta, it needs to be done now. Thanks for sharing your thought and for having these conversations with people you know to bring awareness to those who haven’t heard about it.

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