Clean Up – Poem

Time for change,

A fresh new start.

Forget what’s happened,

Follow your heart.

Make a difference,

Have some clout,

Vote with your feet,

Call them out.

Don’t support businesses,

That sponsor fossil fuels,

Let’s affect decisions,

And make new rules.

End deforestation now,

Not in 2030.

End the gross pollution,

Make the world less dirty.

11 thoughts on “Clean Up – Poem

  1. Great poem Jamie. I love the line ‘vote with your fee’ and your pictures are great too!

  2. A great and well timed poem. It annoys me greatly how they all set the benchmark for climate actions years and decades ahead, they’ve been doing that since the 80s, if not longer, and nothing changes because of it. Stop deforestation now and start rewilding and replanting forests

  3. Awesome poem. I do wish more people would take care of our planet. We only have one and we need to take care of her

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