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Today I thought that it would be nice to share what I am currently reading and some of the books that I am excited about. During the summer I got a bit lost in a pile of books and usually I keep track of them all but actually I forgot where I put a few of them and now I need to play catch-up.

One such example is a non-fiction book by Matt Haig, called ‘The Comfort Book.’ Having read a few of Matt’s previous non-fiction books I knew that this would be interesting. Written in short chapters or segments, it is a positive book which is full of hope. In line with ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’, it analyses modern life and finds ways to really make you ponder and value everyday routines.

Another book I had started was ‘Flat Share’ by Beth O’Leary. A colleague lent me this in June and I have only just got back to reading it. What a great idea for a novel! A guy is looking for more income and rents out his flat, knowing that he is never there at night. The catch is that whoever rents the flat has to share the same bed as him. In theory the two residents will hardly ever meet.

People think it is strange that I have different books on the go all the time but usually I keep up with them all. Hopefully when I complete these two I can get back to my normal pattern of having a YA book, a contemporary, a biography and something lighter to read. I like dedicating different times to each. For example, a contemporary drama is ideal before bed.

Alongside these I am deeply into ‘Apples Never Fall’ by Liane Moriarty and have a brand new copy of ‘Heartstopper’ by Alice Oseman. With this one, I wanted to see what a web comic looked like as I had heard a lot of good things about her work on this porject. Both of these writers are talented and create stories that are very easy to become drawn into.

Anyway, enough of me babbling on. I wonder what books you are currently immersed in. Let me know in the comments or share your thoughts about the two books I signposted. For more about another book that I recently enjoyed, click here.

5 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. I can understand reading different books for different times. I sometimes have one book for breaks at work and one for at home, but most of the time I just read one at a time. Currently I’m reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

  2. The Comfort Book sounds, well, comforting! I’ll need to give it a read. I just finished American Dirt. I found it engrossing but definitely not comforting. Thanks, Jamie!

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