Don’t Fade Away!

As Greta Thunberg once said,

‘Blah, blah, blah.’

We’ve made slight progress,

But still not come far.

COP26 was just a photo op

For leaders who didn’t bother to stay

And make decisions, implement real change.

They’d rather just fly right away.

Instead they made a token gesture,

And showed their faces and smiled and waved,

But the reality is we haven’t got very far,

The rainforest didn’t quite get saved.

Carbon neutral a long way off,

Targets that feel like bluff,

Many not involved at all,

When will enough be enough?

9 thoughts on “Don’t Fade Away!

  1. For decades, world leaders have been making the same empty promises and nothing has changed. We’re still heading towards our climate disaster

  2. The amount of environmental damage they do in one day would take me at least a decade to do. They are in no way practising what they preach but yet us mere mortals do whatever we can daily to make small changes to our lives.

    Not that we would be getting a private jet like a regular bus or taxi daily

  3. The climate change and population growth rate are intertwined – but we are too busy to blame others and each other.

    Thanks for writing a heartfelt poem.

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