Podcast Days

So today sees the release of my third little podcast episode where I chat about books, entertainment and anything else that catches my thoughts.

I intend to eventually produce a longer podcast, but during these busy times I am keeping the episodes short. It is fun to discuss things that interest me and I hope they might also intrigue some of you wonderful blog readers too.

Episode 3

This week I talk about Squid Game, one of my fave authors and the onset of Christmas spirit.

4 thoughts on “Podcast Days

  1. I really enjoyed your chatty podcast and followed you on Spotify. You’ve got me thinking about books that take place in the winter time, and at the moment, I must admit that I’m stumped. I’ll probably think of something in the middle of the night.
    I like the length of your podcast and how you put bits of music in the transitions in your podcast. I’m very new to podcasting, and just getting started. I’d like to interview about your podcast if I can figure out how to do such a thing.

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