Christmas Waste – A Poem

It won’t be long,

Till the special day’s here.

A day of eating,

Presents and cheer.

It’s only a month,

Till the crackers are burst,

The mince pies devoured,

The mess is the worst.

Only a few days

Till it’s over and done,

There’ll be plenty of waste,

But at least

There’ll be fun.

But just have a think,

Must we wrap every present?

Just to throw it away,

Pollution can be unpleasant.

How about giving

Gifts that live on?

Without layers of shiny paper

With unrecyclable bits on?

Spare a thought

For that wrapping,

As it lays on the tip

Eternally Napping….

What a sad waste.

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15 thoughts on “Christmas Waste – A Poem

  1. This puts my beliefs into words! I don’t feel the need to wrap presents, but my friends find it difficult to understand. If I really have to wrap them, I use cloth or brown paper.

  2. A topic that’s so important to me! It’s such a wonderful season, but such a wasteful season. There are really easy ways to cut down on that waste, so I hope your poem makes people think on those things and look for alternatives

  3. Wow! That was so incredibly insightful. It really makes you reconsider your choices. Really liked this writing of yours, keep doing the same – you’re doing great!

  4. This is a very eye opening poem. I have been so conscious this year about my waste. I have used brown paper for wrapping that can be easily recycled. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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